Don’t leave them out; stream it live


Do you have family members or friends that can’t make it to your big day?

What do you do?

No matter what date you choose for your wedding, the reality is that you can’t accommodate everyone. Everyone will not be able to make it.

Normally, these unfortunate guests would have to wait for photos or video to come back which could take weeks, sometimes months. Due to advancements in technology and the world-wide web, this is no longer the only option. You can now live stream your wedding on the internet!

Live streaming, also referred to as web casting, will allow everyone to be able to “attend” no matter what the situation. It is a perfect option for international or destination weddings so those who can’t make can still be a part of your day.

There are several ways to accomplish live streaming and below are a few links to companies that offer this service (you are by no means limited to what is listed here):

I Do Stream Packages start at $199

Marry Me Live Contact the company directly for package information

UStream Free

Webcast My Wedding  Packages starting at $189

Most of these companies provide services that range from full-service event live streaming to do-it-yourself options putting the power to wedding web cast within the hands of the customer.

Feel free to browse each one and see which suits your needs best if this is an option for you. After committing to a service, check out this post courtesy of Offbeat Bride for some live streaming tips to help avoid any mishaps.

Happy streaming!

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