Little Black Dress

Were you a bridesmaid in a wedding and have no intention on wearing the dress any more?

Did you go to your company’s New Year’s Eve gala and don’t think you’ll wear that long, sparkling gown again?

While browsing Pinterest this morning I discovered a company called  Newlymaid. This interesting company offers a solution to those who have participated in weddings or other special occasions and have no use for their dresses any longer.

Newlymaid allows you to browse and purchase a new little black dress at the manufacturer price that can be used for ANY occasion whether it be for work, a casual outing or a date. The really cool part about Newlymaid is that along with your new dress, they send along a prepaid mailer for one dress to be donated to the charity,Clothes4Souls, or recycled which means to repurpose the fabric for the creation of other products. Not only are you giving to charity, you are getting a hot little black dress that you can use over and over again.

A few requirements and exceptions are: the dress must be in good condition with no pulls, tears, stains or other blemishes. All zippers and clasps must be in good working order. Also, they do not accept bridal gowns, flower girl or quinceanera dresses. So look through your closets and see what dresses you may have that you’ll never wear again and replace it with that little black dress.