Let them eat cake!

Ahh the wedding cake. Traditionally served at the wedding reception after dinner, it is oftentimes the center of attraction and most anticipated event for wedding guests!

Wedding cakes range in size, flavors and definitely price all dependent upon the couple’s personalities and guest count. They can range from the traditional white, to something more modern and classy or whimsical and wild.

Left to right-White/lace cake: Amy Beck Cake Design  Modern Chevron Print cake: Jenna Rae Cakes   Whimsical cake: Charm City Cakes

White/Lace-Amy Beck Cake Design; Modern Chevron Print-Jenna Rae Cakes ; Whimsical-Charm City Cakes

Why do we eat this sweet treat?

How did this cake tradition begin?

The original concept of the wedding cake can be traced back to the ancient Roman Empire. At the time, Romans began baking wheat or barley (which was a symbol of fertility) and salt into small cakes to be eaten. During the ceremony, the groom would eat part of a loaf and would then break the rest over his bride’s head as a symbol of his dominance in the marriage. This was also taken as a sign of good fortune and a blessing for a long life and many children. Guests would eat the fallen crumbs to share in the couples good fortune.

In medieval England, sweet buns or rolls replaced the plain wheat cakes. These sweet buns were stacked in a tall mound between the bride and groom and if the couple was able to kiss over the stack without knocking them over, they would be blessed with many children and much prosperity.

Interestingly, the tradition of the sweet bun pile also gave birth to a famous delicacy. It is said that this custom was witnessed by a French pastry chef who returned to his country and created what is today’s classic French wedding cake—the Croquembouche (croque-en-bouche).   It is made out of a tower of profiteroles (cream puffs), topped with a halo of spun sugar.



The wedding cake took yet another course in the 17th Century when a popular dish for weddings became the “Bride’s Pie”. One early British recipe for “Bride’s Pie” mixed cockscomb, lamb testicles, sweet breads, oysters , plenty of spices and boiled calf”s feet. Another main ‘ingredient’ included a glass ring. An old adage claimed that the lady who found the ring would be the next to be married.

"Brides Pie" Source

“Brides Pie”

Another interesting tradition probably first witnessed in the 17th century was keeping a piece of cake under an unwed girl’s pillow in the night. For this, the cake was broken into tiny pieces, which then were passed through the bride’s wedding ring. These pieces were offered to the female guests to be placed under their own pillows and as a sign of fertility. By following this ritual, it was believed that they would dream of their prospective husband.

The modern wedding cake, as we know it, originated from the wedding of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany. He was married in 1882 and his cake was the first in recorded history to be completely edible.


Multi tiered cakes were originally reserved for the English Royalty. They would also use these cakes for christenings as the wedding and christening events for take place very near each other. This fact rationalized the thought that all wedding cakes should have three tiers. The bottom tier was for the wedding reception, the second tier was distributed amongst guests and the third tier was reserved for the christening. Nowadays the top-tier is more often used by the bride and groom to celebrate their first anniversary.

More Wedding Cake Fun Facts

Why is cake white? The color of the cake is typically white to symbolize purity. By the mid sixteenth century, sugar was becoming more abundant in England. The more refined the sugar, the whiter it was. Pure white icing eventually became a wedding cake staple, yet was still expensive. Only wealthy families could afford to have pure white icing. Consequently, it became something of a status symbol. This was proven only further when white icing was dubbed ‘royal icing’ after Queen Victoria used it for her own wedding.

Why does the bride and groom cut the cake? The joint task of the bride and groom cutting the cake is meant to symbolize their first joint task in married life.

Why does the bride and groom then feed each other the cake? The gesture of feeding cake to one another is a symbol of the commitment the bride and groom are making.

Over time, the wedding cake has evolved from a simple symbol of fertility and status now to a sweet, artistic delight.


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Wedding Inspiration: The Roaring Twenties

Today’s post is inspired by the premiere of “The Great Gatsby” film. If you like the style and all things from the “Roaring 20’s” such as flappers, headpieces, feathers, pearls, and all that jazz then enjoy as I’ve put together a collection of Gatsby-fabulous inspiration boards for you.


Credit: Marry You Me via Style Me Pretty


Credit: Street Light Republic Blog


Credit: Southbound Bride


Credit: Paper Doll Romance


Credit: Polyvore.com

My hope is to inspire, do you think you could pull off this theme?

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The Midnight Snack


After spending hours dancing into the night, burning a lot of energy in celebration, by the time the reception end nears your guests are probably famished. How about a little something special before hitting the road or retiring into their hotel rooms?  WOW your guests by having a good-bye snack to hand out  as they leave the reception. Here are a few creative ideas…

Cookies and Milk

This super cute idea serves a dual purpose as both a snack and a favor Credit: Alamodeus

This super cute idea serves a dual purpose as both a snack and a favor.
Source: Alamodeus

Grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters


Source: Pinterest

Cookies and Coke

Jennifer Gray and Rob Johnson wedding on Bald Head Island on July, 17 2010.

Source: Style Me Pretty

Fried chicken and fries in a cone


Source: Pinterest

Mini tacos and Patron shooters


Guests will have to get to their destination safely first before enjoying this snack!
Source: Pinterest

Late night snacks can range in its complexity based upon your budget, likes and dislikes. Whatever you decide, your guests will thank you and enjoy these tokens of appreciation that hit the right spot.

What do you think of this trend to send your guests off with a snack to go?My Live Signature Would you consider it?

Make a statement!

The days of little to no wedding accessories are fading away. Trending more recently are the chunky, bold prominence of a statement necklace. Oftentimes referred to as bridal bibs, these oversized pieces of jewelry are taking over and are showing up more often than not. 

Will this style work for you?

The trick is to pair the statement necklace with the correct neckline and keep everything else simple. It also takes a certain type of personality to pull this off. This bold fashion trend is definitely for the fashionista bride in you!


Image via Google Images


Statement necklace by EzzaExclusive

Statement necklace by EzzaExclusive


Image via Google Images

Unfortunately this item is no longer available through Anthropologie but is beautiful nonetheless.

Unfortunately this item is no longer available through Anthropologie but is beautiful nonetheless.

Via Etsy.com store WhiteAisleBoutique

Image via Google Images


Courtesy of Wedding Guide Asia


Image via Google Images


What will be your bold statement on wedding day?

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Little Black Dress

Were you a bridesmaid in a wedding and have no intention on wearing the dress any more?

Did you go to your company’s New Year’s Eve gala and don’t think you’ll wear that long, sparkling gown again?

While browsing Pinterest this morning I discovered a company called  Newlymaid. This interesting company offers a solution to those who have participated in weddings or other special occasions and have no use for their dresses any longer.

Newlymaid allows you to browse and purchase a new little black dress at the manufacturer price that can be used for ANY occasion whether it be for work, a casual outing or a date. The really cool part about Newlymaid is that along with your new dress, they send along a prepaid mailer for one dress to be donated to the charity,Clothes4Souls, or recycled which means to repurpose the fabric for the creation of other products. Not only are you giving to charity, you are getting a hot little black dress that you can use over and over again.

A few requirements and exceptions are: the dress must be in good condition with no pulls, tears, stains or other blemishes. All zippers and clasps must be in good working order. Also, they do not accept bridal gowns, flower girl or quinceanera dresses. So look through your closets and see what dresses you may have that you’ll never wear again and replace it with that little black dress.


Let’s get this party started!

Dinner is wrapping up.

The DJ is still playing easy listening tunes.

You’re ready to get up and dance when finally you hear…

The Wobble…

(Check out this cute video of the entire bridal party participating)

The Cupid Shuffle… 

The Cha Cha Slide…

(This video provides the lyrics/dance steps)

These are just a few commonly played songs amongst  many others to get the party started at your wedding reception.

What songs did you or would you play at your wedding reception to get the crowd on the dance floor?

Happy Planning!

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Don’t leave them out; stream it live


Do you have family members or friends that can’t make it to your big day?

What do you do?

No matter what date you choose for your wedding, the reality is that you can’t accommodate everyone. Everyone will not be able to make it.

Normally, these unfortunate guests would have to wait for photos or video to come back which could take weeks, sometimes months. Due to advancements in technology and the world-wide web, this is no longer the only option. You can now live stream your wedding on the internet!

Live streaming, also referred to as web casting, will allow everyone to be able to “attend” no matter what the situation. It is a perfect option for international or destination weddings so those who can’t make can still be a part of your day.

There are several ways to accomplish live streaming and below are a few links to companies that offer this service (you are by no means limited to what is listed here):

I Do Stream Packages start at $199

Marry Me Live Contact the company directly for package information

UStream Free

Webcast My Wedding  Packages starting at $189

Most of these companies provide services that range from full-service event live streaming to do-it-yourself options putting the power to wedding web cast within the hands of the customer.

Feel free to browse each one and see which suits your needs best if this is an option for you. After committing to a service, check out this post courtesy of Offbeat Bride for some live streaming tips to help avoid any mishaps.

Happy streaming!

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Flower Seasons

Some brides know what type of  flowers they want  for their big day before they’ve even secured a venue! And there are some that are not so sure.

You like the sleek look of calla lilies for your bridesmaids bouquets? Did you know they are only available in spring and winter?

You just have to have those fluffy Hydrangea in your reception centerpieces? Well you can only get them in the fall and summer.

Are your wedding flowers in season?


When it comes to choosing flowers, it’s not as easy as it seems. But flowers are available all year round? Yes that is the case for some types of flowers, however, not all. A bride has to take this into consideration in regards to availability and costs. If your flower choices are not available, unfortunately you have to find an alternative and if they are available yet have to be flown in from another location, the costs can add up tremendously.

Use this chart as a reference to educate yourself on which flowers are available  during your wedding season.  Happy Planning!