Flower Seasons

Some brides know what type of  flowers they want  for their big day before they’ve even secured a venue! And there are some that are not so sure.

You like the sleek look of calla lilies for your bridesmaids bouquets? Did you know they are only available in spring and winter?

You just have to have those fluffy Hydrangea in your reception centerpieces? Well you can only get them in the fall and summer.

Are your wedding flowers in season?


When it comes to choosing flowers, it’s not as easy as it seems. But flowers are available all year round? Yes that is the case for some types of flowers, however, not all. A bride has to take this into consideration in regards to availability and costs. If your flower choices are not available, unfortunately you have to find an alternative and if they are available yet have to be flown in from another location, the costs can add up tremendously.

Use this chart as a reference to educate yourself on which flowers are available  during your wedding season.  Happy Planning!



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