“View” my love

While browsing Pinterest, I came across one of the coolest finds ever and if you grew up in the 80’s era as I did, you’d appreciate this too…

View-Master wedding invitations!

Viewmaster Invitation

How cool is that?

They even come with a customized photo reel as well.

Viewmaster photo reel

Click…Click…Oh my goodness, I remember that sound vividly.

In researching these amazing invitations, I came across Etsy shop Melangerie Inc. and a company called Image 3D that  creates them. They are a bit pricey, however, if this is what you like and you have the extra resources to get them then GO FOR IT! For the nostalgic value they add, I am sure they will be memorable for both you and your guests.

You actually don’t even have to use them as invitations, they can be used as favors for your guests for your wedding or any type of celebration you may have in mind.

Check them out.

Happy Planning! Click Click

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