Are wedding programs a waste?

Wedding programs…

Wedding programs  fall under the stationery category for wedding expenses but are they really necessary?

It all depends on the couple and how they feel about it. They can be as elaborate or as inexpensive as you’d like them to be or you can just decide not to have them at all.

Oftentimes, if it is a small ceremony or one that is not complicated, then usually you can skip the program.

However, if you like the look of them and want your guests to have a guide to follow along with the ceremony, then go for it if there is room within the budget!

Here are a few other reasons couples may choose to have a wedding program:

  • Some couples like to honor their loved ones that aren’t in attendance
  • Some couples like to list special readings or ceremonies that will take place
  • Some couples like to list musical selections or hymns to be performed during the ceremony
  • Some couples have multi-cultural elements included that need explanation
  • Some couples like to give recognition or special thanks to those that may have helped them throughout the process.
  • Some couples use this opportunity to introduce their bridal party
  • Some couples make their programs interactive for their guests to entertain them as they wait for the ceremony to begin.
  • If  having a beach or outdoor ceremony, some couples have their programs serve double duty to also be used as a fan.

If you are in fear that individual programs will go to waste, a more cost efficient suggestion would be to post one large program such as a chalkboard or a printed version at the ceremony entrance so your guests can read it as they walk in. This is a great alternative as opposed to printing several individual programs that everyone may forget to take with them and it saves money!

Will you or did you have a wedding program?

Happy Planning!


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