It’s Election Day!!!

November 6, 2012.

It’s Election Day folks!!!

Today is the day that we, as American citizens will determine who will serve as our Commander-in-Chief for the next four years representing the United States of America.

I know who I’m voting for, do you?

I am by no means writing to impose  my political beliefs on anyone, but I will say that if you are a registered voter, you need to get out to the polls today and vote. It’s our civic duty. It doesn’t matter to me who you vote for. Vote for the person you believe is the best candidate for the job but make sure you vote for someone. If you haven’t done so already through absentee ballots or standing in the long lines at early voting locations, then today is your last chance. Most, if not all, voting polls will be opened from 7am to 7pm in your time zone but check with your local elections department to be sure.

No excuses.

Make your voice heard! Every vote counts.

Vote now or forever hold your peace. Well…at least for the next four years.


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