A perfect fit

I love you to pieces…

The missing piece to my heart…

We fit together like pieces of a puzzle…

No matter which one of the following phrases describes how you feel about your chosen mate, some couples have decided to incorporate puzzle pieces into their wedding decor to signify that they are truly a perfect fit.


Tutorial: Easy Seating Chart

When it comes to creating your reception seating chart, it can be considered a daunting task, especially if you have a large guest count. It can become a bit difficult to create seating arrangements without visualizing your reception set up and considering your space limitations. Some of us are very visual and need to see it organized on paper.

While browsing Pinterest, I discovered this awesome tutorial for creating a seating chart courtesy of Something Turquoise. By far this is one of the easiest tutorials to follow which will allow you to check this oftentimes tedious task off of your to do list.

All you need to begin are:

  • the instructions provided
  • your guest list
  • your reception table layout
  • a poster board (or two or three… depending on how large your wedding is)
  • re-positionable page markers from Post-It
  • a few markers

You can now begin arranging your guests.

Good luck and happy planning!

What a catch!

Here batter, batter, batter!

Did you and your fiance meet at a baseball game, sharing Cracker Jacks?

Did your fiance propose to you from the pitcher’s mound or profess his or her love for you on the Jumbotron?

Or do you both just have a love for baseball, America’s Favorite Pastime?

For whatever reason, this is an absolute fabulous way to tie the sport in to your wedding day.

Hit it out of the park…Happy Planning!

Are wedding programs a waste?

Wedding programs…

Wedding programs  fall under the stationery category for wedding expenses but are they really necessary?

It all depends on the couple and how they feel about it. They can be as elaborate or as inexpensive as you’d like them to be or you can just decide not to have them at all.

Oftentimes, if it is a small ceremony or one that is not complicated, then usually you can skip the program.

However, if you like the look of them and want your guests to have a guide to follow along with the ceremony, then go for it if there is room within the budget!

Here are a few other reasons couples may choose to have a wedding program:

  • Some couples like to honor their loved ones that aren’t in attendance
  • Some couples like to list special readings or ceremonies that will take place
  • Some couples like to list musical selections or hymns to be performed during the ceremony
  • Some couples have multi-cultural elements included that need explanation
  • Some couples like to give recognition or special thanks to those that may have helped them throughout the process.
  • Some couples use this opportunity to introduce their bridal party
  • Some couples make their programs interactive for their guests to entertain them as they wait for the ceremony to begin.
  • If  having a beach or outdoor ceremony, some couples have their programs serve double duty to also be used as a fan.

If you are in fear that individual programs will go to waste, a more cost efficient suggestion would be to post one large program such as a chalkboard or a printed version at the ceremony entrance so your guests can read it as they walk in. This is a great alternative as opposed to printing several individual programs that everyone may forget to take with them and it saves money!

Will you or did you have a wedding program?

Happy Planning!

It’s Election Day!!!

November 6, 2012.

It’s Election Day folks!!!

Today is the day that we, as American citizens will determine who will serve as our Commander-in-Chief for the next four years representing the United States of America.

I know who I’m voting for, do you?

I am by no means writing to impose  my political beliefs on anyone, but I will say that if you are a registered voter, you need to get out to the polls today and vote. It’s our civic duty. It doesn’t matter to me who you vote for. Vote for the person you believe is the best candidate for the job but make sure you vote for someone. If you haven’t done so already through absentee ballots or standing in the long lines at early voting locations, then today is your last chance. Most, if not all, voting polls will be opened from 7am to 7pm in your time zone but check with your local elections department to be sure.

No excuses.

Make your voice heard! Every vote counts.

Vote now or forever hold your peace. Well…at least for the next four years.

Creative wedding exits

“…by the power vested in me…I now pronounce you man and wife.”

When you hear that phrase, the deal is sealed. It is now time to be presented as Mr. and Mrs. to your wedding guests and take that trip back down the aisle.

Are you looking for that unique wedding exit? How will you have your guests greet you as you exit your venue for the first time as husband and wife?

Some couples choose to have cheerful, celebratory music playing as they dance down the aisle to the exit doors. Seldom are the days that rice would be thrown at the newlywed couple. Not only is it unsafe for birds, but uncooked rice actually hurts when it hits the skin!

More modern, Eco-friendly options are to throw birdseed which is better for the  birds and helps with clean up as well as Ecofetti which is biodegradable, water-soluble wedding confetti.

Here are a few other unique wedding exits:

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*The Handmade Wedding is also another great resource for Eco-friendly wedding exits.

What exit have you decided on?