Wedding Tradition: The Garter Toss

“Calling all single men to the dance floor please?”

When you hear the MC make that announcement, you generally know what time it is…

It’s time for the garter toss!

Some single men are reluctant to meet out on the dance floor while some are excited and overzealous to be the first to catch the garter.

The Garter Toss via Style Me Pretty

Traditionally, most brides wear garters on their wedding day in preparation for the garter toss, one of the oldest surviving wedding rituals. It relates to the belief that taking an article of the bride’s clothing would bring good luck. As part of this tradition, towards the end of the reception, the groom will remove his new wife’s garter and tosses it to the unmarried male guests. The single guy that catches it is said to be the next to marry.

Historically, this tradition dates back to the 1500s in France and held a more serious meaning such as serving as proof taken by the bridal party that a marriage had been consummated. There was even a point in time where the bride would toss the garter into the crowd of eager men herself  but would nearly be “attacked” before she could even throw it! Thankfully, the tradition  has evolved over the centuries and today, the privilege of removing the bride’s garter is reserved to the groom only.

Nowadays, most brides use this accessory to tie in the theme or colors of the wedding. Some use it as their “something blue” and some even use it to surprise their new husbands by wearing the colors of their favorite sports team! There are many ways to tie in the garter as a special part of your big day.

“I DO” garter by The Garter Girl

Have you thought of your garter’s design?

Happy Planning!

Source: Suite101


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