Vendor Spotlight: Khory Fulton Photography

Can you think of a time that you have ever looked at a photo that didn’t bring back memories?

Are you thinking…

Can’t think of one can you? That’s exactly what it was meant to do. Photography is a snap shot in time. Realistically, it’s time that you won’t get back, however, you can relive that moment every time you pick up that photo. Photos are everlasting memories; you can’t trust just anyone with those.

Photography is an art form and it takes a special person or persons to capture those moments. I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of interviewing Khory Fulton of Khory Fulton Photography who through his portfolio, has proven himself worthy of capturing those memories one click at a time.

1.     Why did you choose this profession and to create a business of it?
I chose photography because I like the art of it and being a part of helping people capture and save memories that are dear to them.

2.      How long have you been in business?
I have been in business for just about 3 years now.

3.      What makes your business unique? Why would a bride choose you over any other photographer?
My business is unique because I can turn standard moments and pictures into individual works of art that tell a story to the viewer.

4.      What inspires you? Where do you pull inspiration from?
I get a lot of my inspiration from looking at magazines and seeing what couples are into now, Also my wife who is constantly pushing me to take my skill to the next level.

5.      Describe yourself and your style.
I would describe myself as a photographer not looking to build clientele but relationships with my clients. I don’t have a particular style but if I had to categorize it, it would fall under photojournalistic. I like for my albums and pictures to tell a story.

6.      Share something that not many people know about you.
I’m an expert at installing car audio.

7.      What is the process like to work with you?
I would like to think working with me is quite easy and laid back. I have never broken an appointment and make myself available at just about any day or time.

8.      Thus far, what has been your greatest professional accomplishment?
Having and maintaining a thriving business without replacing my morals and giving into the “sex sells” mentality.

9.      For anyone interested in hiring you for their special day, how can they contact you?
I can be reached via smoke signals and morse code but the easiest way would be email at or call or text at 954-701-0045.

10.     What is the best advice you can give a bride looking to hire a photographer?
Don’t focus on cost, pay close attention to quality. Make sure your photographer has a resume to back up what he/she is telling you. Not everyone who owns a camera is a photographer.

It was such a pleasure to conduct this interview and I hope you will find the same joys in reading it.



4 thoughts on “Vendor Spotlight: Khory Fulton Photography

  1. By far one of the best photographers I’ve shot with. He’s respectful and creative. (Just make sure you’re on time for shoots lol)

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